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Who We Are

Who We Are


Kan Innovations is a Mumbai based startup focused on providing innovative solutions catering to varied medical and paramedical interdisciplinaries: Physiotherapist, Diabetologist, Orthopaedics, Podiatrists, and Sports Medicine etc.


Founded in the year 2019 with a clear objective to provide research-backed, technology-driven solutions for
human biomechanics.

Kan at a Glance

A closer look at
Kan Innovations

Kan at a Glance

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With a spotlight on the research that indicates a sizeable population in India often ignore foot pain regularly. In many cases, these condition gets worsened as the complaint remains unattended, causing severe foot, ankle, hip & back ailments. The problem further amplifies with the wrong choice of footwear.

Kan Innovations carved its niche for itself by developing the first of its kind made in India Plantar Pressure system & foot care solutions to support medical professionals at different stages of clinical evaluation and medical treatment.

People & Culture at Kan

Team work

What keeps going is the principle of Your Success is our Sucesses, we believe in creating a happy & conducive environment where successes are shared and celebrated – every single one. 

What sets Kan Innovations apart is our ability to set up an inclusive work culture and take pride in every team member’s accomplishment. After all, the company’s growth is exponentially dependent on our employees’ excellence. Meet our team, who infuse speed and flexibility in decision-making and implementation, empowering our business.

Meet our Kan Innovators


Riday Nakhate

Managing Director and Founder

A young entrepreneur and qualified degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from Northeastern University in the USA, Riday is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kan Innovations.  Innovations & technology excite him the most, which is a testimony to his association with reputed MNC’s in his early career days.

At Kan Innovations, he puts to good use his acumen in every business aspect spearheading technology & innovations along with finance & marketing function.

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Pradeep Nakhate

Chief Mentor and Co-Founder

Seasoned management professional and entrepreneur with three decades of experiences across the Health & Human Care products and Software Solutions space, Pradeep is the Founder and Managing Director of Kan Innovations. His strength and expertise lie in building novel products & solutions business processes by relying on design thinking.

Before Kan Innovations, Pradeep has spearheaded business functions of reputed brands like Pfizer, Kodak & Radar Marketing. Pradeep brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding at managing the critical and complex function of health care coupled with technology at Kan Innovations.

Core Team Structure


Embeded Systems

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Sales & Marketing


Data Science


Building Blocks - HR 

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Product Design


Accounting & Finance

People & Culture at Kan
Kan Leadership
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