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ReGo is a gamified rehabilitation platform for physical therapy of athletes, ortho & neuro patients used under specialist guidance and control primarily for patients at the clinic. ReGo is a platform designed to restore the active lifestyle of an individual using medical protocols.


The games are based on posture, balance, strength. Practitioners can use ReGo to tailor a treatment plan for the patient depending on their condition.

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Goal Based Rehab Program

Design rehab program with games that has the goal of increased visual perception, improving activities of daily living, and functional strength.


Gamified Physiotech

Technology driven rehabilitation tool with novel and engaging gaming options for a wide variety of populations from recovering athletes suffering from lower limb injuries to geriatric and neurological population regaining balance after a fall.


Improve Efficiency and
Reduce Drop Out rates

Enhance performance by providing visual and auditory feedback with challenging levels thus lower dropout rates and achieve an increase in intervention adherence by making the therapy sessions less mundane.


Improved Motivation & Education

Motivate your patients, and supplement your treatment protocols with objective measurement tools and also act as a biofeedback tool for patient education giving a better understanding of balance parameters like sway envelope to improve patient’s prognosis.

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Manage Heavy Patient Loads

Help your patients do their exercises without needing  your intervention or presence; all to rely on simple and easy to follow instructions enabling clinicians to multitask during heavy workloads.

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