“Health is a divine gift, and the care of the body is a sacred duty, to neglect which is to sin.”

Eugene Sandow


Foot is one of the most complex structures and the most neglected part in the human body. It consists of more joints and ligaments in comparison to the knee and hip joints.

If you are an Orthopedic Surgeon


Your patients with chronic foot pain and/or heel pain can undergo the S.T.E.P.P test. You will be able to determine the causes and consequences of the pain. Causes of ankle, knee, hip and back pain can be numerous, but you can perform a S.T.E.P.P test for your patients to find the effect of these problems on the foot. Prescription of accurate supportive or corrective footwear or insoles can be made.

Effect of ligament injuries and sports injuries on the body can be understood. Aids in decision making regarding conservative or invasive treatment methods. Rehabilitation post surgery and return to function decisions can be made easily with the help of given metrics.

Ambulation and function is severely affected due to arthritis. For improving function and prescription of proper footwear and assistive device can be made after performing the S.T.E.P.P test.

If you are a Diabetologists/ Endocrinologists


Your patients with diabetes mellitus develop diabetic foot and have to endure its complications. High pressure in the foot is the end product of these complications. High pressure areas have direct correlation to ulcer formation. Both pre-diabetics and people with recent diagnosis of diabetes have higher pressure than non diabetics. The mainstay of diabetic foot care is early detection of high pressure areas and preventing foot ulcers and the S.T.E.P.P test can help you fulfill this motive. 

If you are a Podiatrist 


Knowing your patient’s foot types(pes cavus, normal, or pes planus) made easy. S.T.E.P.P test helps provide an insight for foot asymmetries which can possibly be due to foot deformities and soft tissue imbalance.

If you are a Physiotherapists


By performing the S.T.E.P.P test you can determine the prognosis of the patient. Helps in monitoring pre and post rehabilitation recovery of the patient. Helps in decision making for return to high level physical activity. Understanding weight distribution and gait analysis. Valuable information regarding balance assessment and training.





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