Grow your Business

Increase Success Rates

Validate your diagnosis. Construct better treatment plans and achieve higher patient recovery rates.

Improve Brand Image 

Bring technology into your business. Upgrade your space and attract more clients. Allow yourself the chance to charge a higher fee. Your practice will market itself.

Build Patient Trust

Help your patients understand their problems. Use visualizations and data to better explain the root cause of the issue. Provide your patients with a custom report.

Increase Revenue

You may use a fee-for-service approach to charge patients for a test. Provide them with a custom report as an outcome.

Reduce Drop-Out Rates

Monitor and track progress of the patient’s recovery. Reduce dropout rates by providing objective metrics for patients to see progress and motivate them to complete their course of treatment.

Provide Customized Orthotics

Use the Ohm platform to diagnose, visualize and treat foot conditions and problems. Recommend and provide customized orthotics solutions to your patients and add a new revenue model.



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