Gait refers to human locomotion, the way a person walks. Human gait is defined as biphasic, bipedal forward movement of the center of gravity of the body. Gait analysis is the objective measurement and evaluation of human locomotion.


Pedobarography, derived from a Latin word pedes meaning foot and Greek word baros meaning weight or pressure. Pedobarography is the study of pressure distribution of the foot in relation to the supporting surface.


Plantar pressure, the pressure exerted by the foot while standing or walking on a supporting surface.


Stabilometry also known as stabilography or static posturography is the quantitative measurement of sway of the body during quiet standing. Its purpose is to provide data about the functioning of the postural and vestibular system of the body to stabilize the body against it’s base of support.


Stereo geometry or stereogeometrical analysis is the use of data from a pedobarographic system to give realistic measurements of foot length, width, arch index etc.


Static refers to no movement. Static test refers to maintenance of stable antigravity position at restful standing and measuring the plantar pressure distribution.


Dynamic refers to movement or activity. Dynamic test refers to plantar pressure distribution during the stance phase of the gait cycle.



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