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Diabetic Foot
It is the CARE that matters!


With our comprehensive solutions, you can provide extensive assistance and care to your patients, ranging from advanced testing and monitoring to curated orthotic solutions to help them avoid future diabetic foot complications.

Key Aspects

& Detect

With the OHM series, detect high-pressure points, identify load-bearing in both static and dynamic activities to prevent ulceration and other lower extremity disorders, as well as determine orthotic efficacy and provide optimum foot care to improve patients' lives.

Eliminate Recurrence

Keep an eye on regenerative foot problems and break the chain of recurrence with the help of advanced assessment and diagnosis techniques by developing specialised foot care routines with modern evidence-based monitoring with the OHM series.

Orthotic Solutions

Get specially designed customizable diabetic insoles and exclusive diabetic footwear for offloading and high level of cushioning for maximum comfort.

With you at every Stage


Screening tool for Diabetic Foot Problems 


Set Goals & Monitor Progress


Identify Plantar Pressure Asymmetries


Suggest Curated Orthotics


Assess risk of Infections & Amputations


Determine Orthotic Efficacy


AFORA - Diabetic Foot Lab

Preventing amputations one screening at a time.

The Afora-diabetic foot lab offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to foot care, From pressure point analysis, gait analysis, custom orthotics, to footwear recommendations.
This cutting-edge foot lab is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that can detect early signs of foot problems such as ulcers, neuropathy, and other related conditions.


"The world's most well-known foot clinics were developed one step at a time; start your journey to excellence with Kan Innovations and our cutting-edge solutions"

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